Publication Inquiries

Do you have an idea or a concrete suggestion for a publication that would fit well in the JOVIS lineup? Then send your proposal to

Please include the following: a short abstract summarizing the publication’s content, a (prospective) table of contents, a short excerpt, a list of (possible) contributors/authors as well as some background information about yourself; if available also a selection of images and a description of the book’s suggested length and format. If you already have a finished manuscript, you can include this as a PDF.

If you are submitting a dissertation please include the supervisors' evaluations. Please note that we do not publish diploma or master's thesis.

Your publication inquiry cannot necessarily be viewed immediately, and it may take us some time to respond. If we are interested, we will get in touch to discuss next steps.


Our Services

We can offer you a range of different services tailored to whichever stage your project is in and to those publication stages you would personally like to take on: from project budgeting and editorial services to book design and printing support, all the way to sales and marketing for the finished book.

Editing | Project Management

Our editors support your project, serve as contact points for all questions that arise, and coordinate the different stages of the book’s creation process: They put together a working timeline, contract translators, assist with copyright procurement for images, and of course put considerable effort into fine-tuning the text itself, for both German and foreign-language texts.

In addition, when necessary, they help secure content editors and authors, as well as offer consultation in terms of thematically structuring a publication.

Graphics | Production

In addition to prioritizing their thematic relevance, we also ensure that all our publications have a sophisticated layout and high-quality production values. Our in-house and external graphics contacts create a fitting design for each publication, handle the typesetting, coordinate image processing, and oversee the complete production process. You may also take on the graphic design and typesetting yourself, or we can offer you a layout template for your title and an instruction manual. 

Distribution | Marketing | Publicity

We make sure that our books are available both domestically and abroad and that they receive national and international attention. Using an international sales systems, we distribute books to many bookstores. Our distribution partners in the US and the UK stock many English-language titles from our press, which guarantees prompt delivery of orders. Our books are also available in all other countries—either through our website or through our representatives in Scandanavia, the Netherlands, southern Europe, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. Many specialist libraries internationally carry our books in their collections. New titles are announced in relevant book directories and catalogs, in the press’s monthly email newsletter, and in our JOVIS catalog, which is published annually in German and English. We also showcase all our books at the Frankfurt Book Fair and – if possible – at topic-related exhibitions, specialist conferences, etc. New publications also have an immediate online presence: Information on them is regularly posted on our website, on Facebook, and on Twitter, where they appear alongside other news relating to current titles and event information. Working closely with editorial departments at key architecture and city-planning magazines, as well as with numerous specialist freelance journalist and bloggers worldwide, our publicity department places our titles for review strategically.



In addition to high-quality print books, we also produce e-books. Our e-book offerings focus particularly on scholarly titles (including dissertations). Just as we do for our print titles, we design our e-books carefully with appealing covers that are appropriate for the digital medium. Our e-books are available as ePDFs or ePubs.