JOVIS publishes titles in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, city planning, contemporary art, photography, and design. With our publications we strive to depict relevant debates and also to shape current discourse and provide it with new direction. Our press focuses in particular on topics in urban studies, participatory city planning, city development, landscape theory, and historical preservation. Further interests include how architecture and art interact, as well as how to connect scholarly theories with plans of action through interdisciplinary approaches.

Our books stand out because of their relevant content, their high-quality design, and the care taken in their production. Correspondingly, they are highly regarded in national and international daily presses and in the trade press.

Founded in 1995 in Berlin, the JOVIS publishing house utilizes many far-reaching collaborations: renowned international academic partners, cultural and economic institutions, and well-known planners and theorists from the fields of architecture, landscape, and urban studies.



Our Team


Editorial Director

Doris Kleilein
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Production | Design

Susanne Rösler
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Floyd Schulze
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Marketing & Press

Nicole Schwarz
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