02/16/2022, 1:00 pm

Languages are constantly transforming as humans interact, change habits and ways of doing things. This is not a radical observation. More intriguing to ponder is whether languages also transform us and the world in which we exist. Does it matter what words we use about the world? Could we, by shaping a language, also shape the world? Would the world look different if other words had been used?
This work is about the urban environment, and how it is transformed by people interacting with the world that surrounds them by evoking more just living conditions. It is also an effort to demonstrate how the urban environment could be imagined in ways that differ from the neoliberalist view. Other imaginations, arising from different perspectives on and incentives for development, such as equity and inclusiveness, might produce another city entirely. From urban practices in four different contexts in Sweden, South Africa, India and Brazil, this book investigates four dynamics of change: conflicts, commons, networks and hybridity. From this framing, new concepts and radical imaginaries emerge, presented here as a Language of the Becoming City.

02/10/2022, 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm


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New Yorkers and visitors alike have long hailed Queens as the melting pot of America for the diversity of languages, populations, and cuisines represented in the borough. However, less has been said and studied about the architectural diversity of its housing stock. From the brick buildings of Sunnyside Gardens inspired by the English Garden City movement, to the Tudor and Queen Anne Victorian-style houses that have been personalized by their inhabitants, Rafael Herrin-Ferri has spent the last seven years documenting these houses through a photo-survey of the borough. Much like a field guide or scientific study, the subjects in All the Queens Houses are methodically photographed as standardized house-portraits to capture the architectural style and context of the neighborhood. While there may not be people photographed in the houses and streets shown, the vibrancy of the human spirit shines through the architectural details of each portrait. By painting a portrait of Queens through its idiosyncratic housing styles, Herrin-Ferri celebrates the rich multiculturalism, spirituality, and diversity that has given Queens its well-deserved title of the “World’s Borough.”

Join Open House New York for a discussion with Rafael Herrin-Ferri about his extraordinary photography project, culminating in the book All the Queens Houses. While the book was published in 2021, Herrin-Ferri has continued his work documenting the diversity of Queens houses on the website All the Queens Houses and on Instagram at @allthequeenshouses.

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01/25/2022, 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm


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In All the Queens Houses, Spanish-born architect and artist Rafael Herrin-Ferri paints a portrait of the incredible diversity of Queens by documenting over two hundred examples of its highly idiosyncratic housing styles with color photographs and short interpretive texts. Together with renowned urbanist Joseph Heathcott, he will discuss how this eclectic mix of vernacular architecture reflects the history of the “World’s Borough”and also provides a model for future development.

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Roofscape Design

Book Launch

01/17/2022, 5:00 pm

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Come on City, We're Going On the Roof

We welcome you to join us for an online event on the "fifth dimension" and its different applications around the world. Guido Callegari and Ambrosini Gustavo from the Politecnico di Torino Department of Architecture and Design, Italy, will be disscussing their book Roofscape Design: Regenerating the City Upon the City (2021). They will talk about strategies for reusing city rooftops in an era of “no net land take” and land shortages in the city, and about the novel architectural development of roofs, presenting contemporary international examples. The lecture is part of the building competition "Layer 2.0", which includes fascinating lectures on conservation in Tel Aviv- Yafo.

Liebling Haus - The White City Center was co-founded by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and the German government in a historical and cultural crossroad at the heart of Tel Aviv. The Center’s mission is to promote architecture, conservation, and urban development, focusing on modern architecture. The Liebling Haus serves as an urban hub for the community, fostering local and international dialogue and cooperation in the fields of conservation and architecture research, professional training, and knowledge. More information on the Liebling Haus: www.whitecitycenter.org

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