Politics, Ethics, and the Affective Economy of Inhabiting

Camillo Boano / Cristina Bianchetti (eds.)

312 pages, 60 col. and b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-800-1


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In the face of the radical convergence of a health crisis and an ecological crisis, it is not possible to return to the investigative trajectories on inhabitation and dwelling that yielded good results in the past. What is it that now defines inhabitation within the plurality of conditions, geographies, and politics that connote it? Lifelines is a work of collective research on the spaces where life intertwines, mingles, and twists in constant resistance to the mechanisms that capture, exploit, and create the social and environmental precariousness that characterizes the violent techno-capitalist present.
The book investigates the roles and challenges of design in uncertain spaces and brings together empirical explorations from Italy, Ecuador, the US, Lebanon, Germany, and the UK.

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