Drei Zimmer, Küche, Diele, Bad

Eine Wohnung mit Optionen

Verena von Beckerath / Barbara Schönig (eds.)

336 pages, 200 col. and b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-798-1


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The inter- and transdisciplinary research project Drei Zimmer, Küche, Diele, Bad used a vacant home to formulate and consider questions about the future of housing. The residence, a listed building ensemble in Weimar dating from the 1920s, initially served as a work, discussion, and exhibition space for students of architecture and urbanism. A small number of significant interventions transformed it into a space that enabled not just alternative dwelling options, but also neighborhood-focused activities. The new residents were selected through a concept proposal process, and the researchers analyzed their usage of the dwelling over the course of two years. Lasting five years in total (2017–2021), the project began as a cooperation between the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, the Thüringer Aufbaubank funding and development agency, and the Weimarer Wohnstätte municipal housing company under the aegis of the Thuringian Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture.

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