Der Architekt als Immobilienmakler

Ein Handbuch

Eva Karcher

160 pages, 22 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-927-5


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An architect as a real-estate agent? This idea may provoke ambivalent feelings among many architects. However, owing to their specialist knowledge, there is scarcely another profession that has a better ability to evaluate the potential of properties, a superior consulting competence in this field and can offer real-estate services on a higher quality level. In view of this, the real-estate sector inevitably lends itself to architects who would like to reinvent or extend their field of activity.
Many questions arise at the outset: how does the Architects Law apply to real-estate activities? What regulations must be observed when extending a company? How does one acquire real-estate properties? How does one ensure the finder’s fee?
This handbook answers many questions and not only offers an introduction to marketing and sales, but also explains legal, commercial, and tax aspects. In addition, it provides practice-related advice and shows what advantages embarking into the real-estate sector can offer to architects.

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