Performative Stadtplanung in 13 Vorträgen

Ton Matton

10.5 x 14.8 cm
160 pages
ISBN 978-3-86859-553-6


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Ton Matton is a city planner, indie urbanist, energetic lecturer, self-confessed fan of the DDR’s EW58 one-family homes, and a doubter. Back when he was still a student in the late eighties, Matton gave lectures dealing with sustainable urban planning (which at the time was still a brand-new field for city planners). Since then, he has spoken at a wide range of different locations: as a visiting professor, at expert symposia, in churches and squats, at village assemblies, and at meetings with politicians, millionaires, and homeless people.
Little by little, Matton has made the craft of lecturing his own—and has continued to develop it further. Lively and full of wit, the native Dutchman organizes and structures his thoughts from the previous years anew, navigates his readers to new ideas, and challenges them to get involved. He flirts and provokes, makes himself vulnerable, and chooses humor as a perpetual foundation for mutual respect. Any questions?

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