Zukunftsfähige Architektur in enger werdenden Städten

Edited by Akademie der Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen / Martin Sommer

With texts by Alexandra Busch and Thomas Geuder and contributions by Robert Kaltenbrunner, Bettina Rudhof, Petra Hodgson

Softcover with flaps

22 x 28 cm

160 pages, approx. 300 ill.


ISBN 978-3-86859-384-6



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Quality residential architecture and a living environment of a high standard have a significant influence on our quality of life. However, particularly in cities and conglomerations, there is often a lack of space for new buildings and construction is becoming increasingly complex, due to a wide range of framework conditions and regulations. Those who plan and build residences nowadays must take account of greater energy efficiency requirements, a growing demand for barrier-free residential space because of demographic change, and usage flexibility for changing ways of life. What is built today is intended to be used for decades. How can and should residential building in a European urban environment look like today?

WeiterWohnen provides useful inspiration for new buildings, conversions, and renovations, based on 16 exemplary solutions for interior, exterior, and urban spaces, which have been awarded architecture prizes in the “Award for Exemplary Building Projects in the State of Hessen 2014”. Accompanying texts illuminate the current discourse on the subject of residential building from a variety of perspectives.

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