Vom Geschäftshaus Jacobi zum Hotel Orania.Berlin

Geschichte und Wandel einer architektonischen ...

Wolfgang Schäche / David Pessier

21 x 28 cm
128 pages, 67 col. and 46 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-525-3


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... Wiederentdeckung am Oranienplatz

The building that houses the hotel Orania.Berlin, opened in the fall of 2017, is without a doubt one of the architectural gems of Berlin’s Oranienplatz. Constructed in 1912/13 as a commercial property for the businessman and longtime city councilor Leopold Jacobi to plans by renowned architects Wilhelm Cremer and Richard Wolffenstein, it has to date gone through several changes in use.
This book chronicles the historical development of the Oranienplatz, an important location in the Kreuzberg neighborhood, and reconstructs the building’s eventful history from its beginnings as a business premises through to its exemplary conversion to a hotel by the architecture firm Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht Architekten. Beyond this, the book places the building’s significant architecture within the context of Cremer & Wolffenstein’s multi-faceted work. An abundance of historical and modern illustrations bring the descriptions to life.

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