Urbanizing Suburbia

Hyper-Gentrification, the Financialization of Housing and the Remaking of the Outer European City

Tahl Kaminer / Leonard Ma / Helen Runting (eds.)

17 × 24 cm
352 pages, 70 col. and b/w ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-762-2


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Urbanizing Suburbia considers three current and related processes underway in global cities: the hyper-gentrification of inner cities, the financialization of housing, and the structural changes occurring in the outer city. Rocketing housing prices have displaced residents from inner cities and created a rent gap in outer cities. Increasingly, municipalities, developers, and displaced residents search for opportunities in the suburban belts. Changes in demographics, densities, live/work ratios, and tenures are remaking outer cities, rendering them less and less suburban. The book examines these changes by looking at four key European cities: Amsterdam, Berlin, London, and Stockholm. It is a first attempt at understanding the three processes discussed here within one comprehensive explanatory framework. 

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