Transformative Partizipation

Strategien für den Siedlungsbau der Nachkriegsmoderne

Matthias Brunner / Maren Harnack / Natalie Heger / Hans Jürgen Schmitz (eds.)


16.5 × 24 cm

160 pages, 65 col. and b/w ill.

ISBN 978-3-86859-691-5



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Transformative Partizipation explores participation projects for various large housing estates in Germany and Austria. Protagonists from the fields of architecture, urban planning, sociology, history, and art use specific case studies to reflect on current and historical forms of participation. They examine the ideas and goals that shaped those formats and what kind of instituitions resulted from them. A special focus is on artistic forms of participation and their potential to initiate processes of reflection on the identity and image of the housing schemes, thus contributing to their long-term transformation. The aim of this publication is to further develop participatory concepts, promote their dissemination, and firmly embed them in practice.

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