The Post-Socialist City

Continuity and Change in Urban Space and Imagery

Marina Dmitrieva / Alfrun Kliems (eds.)

16,5 x 24 cm
272 pages, 29 b/w and 116 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-018-0

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For twenty years now, cities from Central Europe to Central Asia have seen revolutionary change. Following the collapse of socialism, their outward appearance, functional composition, and symbolic representation have been shattered and reassembled by new political forces and market economies. Yet, the legacy of socialist urban planning and imagination has neither just disappeared, nor did it come to coexist peacefully with the new. Rather, the story is one of conflict and hybridity, of replacement as well as of recodification. This volume explores such transformations from a variety of perspectives. Revealing a puzzling, heterogeneous vitality, the chapters contrast similarities with local specifics across half a hemisphere from Berlin to Astana. Authors include urban planners, architects, art and political historians, and literary theorists from across the region as well as from outside. Genres range from scholarly analysis to polemic essay, supported by rich visual material.



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