Solar Design

Photovoltaics for Old Buildings, Urban Space, Landscapes

Ingrid Hermannsdörfer / Christine Rüb

21 x 21 cm
144 pages, 152 col. and 32 b/w
ISBN 978-3-936314-49-6

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Solar energy is a force for the future. Its use in new building has increased rapidly in recent years, and now considerable interest is also being shown in the subsequent installation of solar energy systems in existing buildings. This book fills an information gap; it not only reveals new methods for the sensitive integration of solar energy systems into old buildings, monuments, existing urban districts and natural landscapes, but also presents diverse concepts and applications, as well as innovatively designed modules. Innovative approaches are necessary in this field, for modern technical components must be harmonised with the scale, colour, materials and decorative elements of old or listed buildings. In addition to a survey of the functioning methods and composition of photovoltaic systems, the book also presents more than 30 very different realised examples with notable aesthetic qualities. In this way, it demonstrates how solar energy systems can be consciously and discriminatingly installed as structural elements of design. It represents essential inspiration for architects, builders and authorities wishing to use this environmentally friendly technology in a fresh and creative way.



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