Historisch versus modern: Identität durch Imitat?

Barbara Engel (ed.)
with Philine Schneider, Max Mütsch, Johannes Blechschmidt

17 x 24 cm
224 pages, ca. 200 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-506-2


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All around the world, new city districts are being realized that draw on historical typologies and form languages. In inner cities, new buildings in a historical style are increasingly replacing established existing buildings, in order to bring back long-lost historical ensembles or sought-after images. The phenomenon of retro districts is complex, with different motivations, constellations of involved parties and forms of expression. Apart from the reconstruction of lost buildings, historical structures are simply copied and placed in a completely new spatial and socio-cultural context.

This publication examines the phenomenon of historicizing construction, based on 14 international case studies, including the Dom-Römer area in Frankfurt, the Elbing old town in Poland, Hallstatt in China, Poundbury in England, or the Old Town in Dubai. It presents the developmental history and status quo of the projects, as well as the socio-political backgrounds and the debates sparked by the conflicting interests of those involved. Renowned experts define key terminology in a glossary section, supplementing the book that has numerous plans and illustrations.

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