Städtebau als Prozess

Kontinuität durch Transformation

Ingrid Krau

17 x 24 cm
160 pages, 30 col. and b/w 
ISBN 978-3-86859-060-9

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Fifty years of town planning in the Federal Republic of Germany condensed into a wide-ranging essay based on lectures given at the Munich Institute of Urban Planning and Housing from 1960 until the present day. The positions represented in these lectures by renowned architects and planners, as well as by professors and many different types of specialists, merge into a polyphonic dialogue in this synopsis. They become a tour d’horizon of the development of the field from the new Federal Construction Act of 1960 until today, as well as from the positions of authority and power held and defended by planners to democratic decision-making processes. In these texts, urban planning is revealed to be a process in constant movement; continuity is the result of constant transformation and transformation is the result of continuity—according to these findings.



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