Stadtentwicklung und Denkmalpflege 10: Stadt Raum Zeit

Stadtentwicklung zwischen Kontinuität und Wandel

Jürg Sulzer / Anne Pfeil (eds.)

17 x 22 cm
176 pages, 75 b/w and 30 col.
ISBN 978-3-939633-72-3


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Cities are to a great extent shaped by political, economic, and social development. Such processes used to occur over long periods of time, but today our cities are changing their appearance at a tremendous pace: there seems to be a need to redefine the relations of city, space, and time. The publication examines this phenomenon in three chapters: Stadt: Stadt und Zeitgeist, Raum: Stadträume und Zeiträume and Zeit: Urbane Zeithorizonte. Essays describe phenomena, investigate present changes of urban space with their contexts of cause and effect, and present integral ideas, visions and criteria for cautious future development of the city as a cultural asset.

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