LRO Lederer + Ragnarsdóttir + Oei


Falk Jaeger

21 x 27.5 cm
144 pages, approx. 80 col. and 80 b/w
ISBN 978-3-939633-56-3


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The architectural practice of Lederer+Ragnarsdóttir+Oei Architekten are known especially for their uncompromising architectural language articulated in sweeping facades, memorable forms and clear collors. Many successful projects, among them Darmstadt's State Theatre, the EVS Central Administration in Stuttgart, and the Salem International College as well a numerous exhibits and achitecture prizes are the impressive result of their almost 30 years of experience. In this copiously illustrated cross-section of their works Falk Jaeger documents why they are justly considered to be one of the most interesting German architecture firms.

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