GAM Graz Architecture Magazine

Editor-in-chief: Anselm Wagner
Editors: Petra Eckhard (Managing Editor) / Manfred Omahna (Book Review Editor)

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GAM publishes essays, interviews, illustrations, book reviews, and projects related to the fields of architecture and urbanism. Since 2004 GAM has been published annually by the Faculty of Architecture of Graz University of Technology, one of the leading schools of architecture in the German-speaking world. The magazine is conceived as an engaging interdisciplinary forum for scholars, architects, and critics in which architectural developments and controversial phenomena are discussed. Adding to current architectural discourse, the contributions of each issue are devoted to a specific theme chosen by a guest editor.

The editorial board includes Michelle Addington (New Haven), George Baird (Toronto), Anita Berrizbeitia (Cambridge, MA), Aaron Betsky (Rotterdam), Pierre Alain Croset (Suzhou), Susanne Hauser (Berlin), Andrej Hrausky (Ljubljana), Bart Lootsma (Innsbruck), Didier Rebois (Paris), Arno Ritter (Innsbruck), Gerhard Schmitt (Zürich), Georg Schöllhammer (Vienna), and Kai Vöckler (Berlin).

GAM Graz Architecture Magazine

GAM 13Spatial Expeditions


Space is experienced not only visually, but with all the senses. Despite this, the design and reception of architecture often barely take haptic, acoustic, and osmic perceptions into account. Consequently, in the architecture discipline there is no continuous discourse on the topic of spatial perception. GAM.13 Spatial Expeditions seeks to fill this gap. The method of the expedition enables an experimental approach and provides the opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives with regard to built space. It explores perceptual techniques from the fields of architecture, the visual arts, music, dance and other related disciplines. GAM.13 therefore represents an expedition into experimental architecture and the unexplored aspects of built space. The volume contains contributions by Sam Auinger, Irmgard Frank, Malcolm McCullough, Philippe Rahm, and Karen Van den Berg, among others.

GAM 14Exhibiting Matters


The dissolution of the “traditional“ artwork as well as the division of labor within the specified and increasingly intersecting fields of art and architecture makes a reevaluation of the spatial, curatorial, temporal, and institutional aspects of exhibiting necessary. In particular, the act of exhibiting is currently being shaped more and more by the embrace of a deliberate refusal of temporal and spatial closure, thus also bringing forth new sites for investigative (dis)play, media manifestations, and crossover collaborations. GAM.14 collects current positions from the disciplines of art and architecture that address the potentials of sites of exhibiting to act as laboratory spaces in which the urgent social, political, and ideological challenges of our time can manifest themselves.
The volume includes contributions by Ivana Bago, Nicolas Bourriaud, Ana Devic, Anselm Franke, Andrew Herscher, Tom Holert, Sami Khatib, Wilfried Kühn, Ana Maria Leon, Maria Lind, What, How & for Whom/WHW, among others.