Schweger Assoziierte Architekten

Buildings and Projects 1999-2005

Falk Jaeger (ed.)

Hardcover with jacket
23.5 x 32 cm
240 pages, 365 col. and 181 b/w
ISBN 978-3-936314-42-7

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The architect Peter P. Schweger is probably one of the most outstanding and successful exponents of his art in contemporary Germany. His work indicates the sovereignty and conviction with which modernist architecture is still capable of contending against more fashionable architectural trends – especially when it is competent and informed; when it is developed with a deep understanding of the materials and constructive contexts involved, a sensitivity to real needs, and knowledge of a building’s location and historical context. This large-format volume – impressively illustrated and including numerous plans – presents designs from the offices of Peter P. Schweger and his partners and associates in Hamburg, Berlin and Hanover. The projects are all inspired by their locations and manifest a fascinating perfection in the use of materials and detail. In addition, they often represent a symbiotic background environment for works by high-class international artists.

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