Vom Dazwischen zum Lernraum – 30 Schulgebäude im Vergleich

Marika Schmidt / Rolf Schuster (eds.)

16,5 x 24 cm
112 pages, approx. 92 ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-342-6


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The spaces within a school reflect the community and ideals of the group of people they were conceived and built for. The social life of the micro-society of the school has always unfolded in communally used spaces that provide links between designated spaces such as classrooms, subject rooms etc: access and infrastructural areas, open spaces, outdoor spaces. These spaces in between therefore provide the stage for the social life of the school.
Based on considering the designs of 30 architecturally significant school buildings from the last 90 years, architects, teachers, and educational researchers reflect on the possibilities to develop these communally used spaces in schools from interspaces to learning spaces, as well as the background to this and the conditions.
With contributions by Herman Hertzberger, Kazuhiro Kojima, Almut Grüntuch-Ernst, Rolf Schuster, Heidemarie Kemnitz, Barbara Zschiesche, Dirk E. Haas, Michael Schwarz, Henrike Rabe, Marika Schmidt, and students at TU Braunschweig.



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