Schichten einer Region –

Kartenstücke zur räumlichen Struktur des Ruhrgebiets

Christa Reicher / Klaus R. Kunzmann / Jan Polívka / Frank Roost / Yasemin Utku / Michael Wegener (eds.)

24 x 29 cm
248 pages, 350 col. and 5 b/w
German with english short text
ISBN 978-3-86859-113-2

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Excerpts of maps visualise individual thematic layers of one of the largest European heavy industrial conurbations in maps, graphics and writing. In so-doing they go beyond familiar depictions to reveal unexpected structures and current processes of transformation in settlement geography, economy, landscape and ecology as well as in regard to the social and built environments. Their combination at the end of the book provides a basis for discussion on the future configuration of the region.

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