Richard Dunn Mani-Fold

Paintings + Photography

Ingrid Mössinger / Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz / Anne Marie Freybourg (eds.)

24 x 30 cm
96 pages, 70 col. 
ISBN 978-3-936314-54-0

Out of print

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A comprehensive presentation of work by the Australian artist Richard Dunn (*1941) is being shown for the first time in Germany in the Art Collections of Chemnitz. Starting out from classical Modernism and the radical abstraction of post-war Modernism, Dunn has been investigating possibilities to rescue and advance painting since the 1960s. He has received essential stimulus from sources as diverse as Ludwig Wittgenstein’s theories of linguistic philosophy, the simultaneously developed Concept Art, and from interdisciplinary art forms. The artist also exploits the potentials of photography and installation in his painting. Richard Dunn’s pictorial research thus represents a highly relevant contribution to the intense current debates concerning the definition of the image.



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