Refugees Welcome

Konzepte für eine menschenwürdige Architektur

Jörg Friedrich / Simon Takasaki / Peter Haslinger / Oliver Thiedmann / Christoph Borchers (eds.)

17 x 24 cm
256 pages, approx. 140 col. and plans
ISBN 978-3-86859-378-5

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Every day people embark on the arduous journey to Europe and to Germany—fleeing from violence, hunger, persecution, poverty, and natural disasters. Those who succeed in crossing the strictly controlled borders of the EU mostly end up in overcrowded emergency shelters on the fringes of towns, without any legal residence status and without any chance of social integration. Politics appears to have capitulated in face of the seemingly unstoppable flood of refugees. We need new ideas for a welcoming culture, which also means the appropriate accommodation of the new arrivals at the heart of our towns, in the midst of society. 

Refugees Welcome shows that this is possible and how. Based on a design project at Leibniz University Hannover, this book presents strategies for dealing with this issue and concrete architectural concepts for innovative and prototypical forms of accommodation for refugees. The editors advocate a dignified and human “architecture of arrival” and claim the right to architecture—also for refugees.

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