Radbahn Berlin

Zukunftsperspektiven für die ökomobile Stadt

paper planes e.V. (ed.)

21 x 29.7 cm
144 pages, 150 col. and b/w.
ISBN 978-3-86859-516-1


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In the global discussion regarding the future of sustainable cities, a 9 km covered bicycle path running through the city core is practical, tangible, and simultaneously innovative. Radbahn will transform the forgotten space beneath Berlin’s famous U1 elevated subway line into a major urban thoroughfare and create a space for contemporary mobility, innovation, and leisure.
Catered to Berlin, Radbahn redefines underutilized public urban space, reimagines it into an inclusive bicycle superhighway, and reinterprets the role of infrastructure. This exciting project shows enormous societal and transport potential for the booming city of Berlin. Because investing in cycling not only has a positive impact on our health and the environment, but also brings significant benefits to the economy, urban development, and culture.
This book challenges us to radically rethink cities. It is a visionary travelogue, a call for a new mobility policy, as well as a guide to the planning of ecofriendly, human-centered, and livable urban spaces.


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