Shaping Design

Media of architectural conception

Margitta Buchert (ed.)

Brochure with flaps

256 pages, approx. 150 Ill.

16.5 × 24 cm


ISBN 978-3-86859-662-5



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Shaping Design presents a wide range of design documents from architectural practice. Following processes from analysis to final design, these manifestations form continuities. In many cases, the tools, ways of thinking, and approaches used are deeply interrelated. Overarching features, as well as the specific characteristics of individual instruments and ways of interaction, are introduced and exemplified. In doing so, the authors explore the potentials of hand drawing, language, geometry-based representation, models, diagrams, mapping, photography, collages, and tableau for investigative creative analysis, as well as for generating, evolving, and transmitting design and knowledge. The publication opens up new perspectives on (un)common media involved in architectural work.

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