Mensch und Landschaftsarchitektur

Juliane Ketzer / Sebastian Feldhusen (eds.)

Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, School of Landscape Architecture, Study Program Open Space Planning


16 X 24 cm

ca. 208 pages, num. col.


ISBN 978-3-86859-405-8



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What is the actual purpose of landscape architecture? The more or less unanimous answer within the sector is: it is for people. But what is meant by “people”? Society, the inhabitants of a town or city, of a district, of a house, or a specific person? Does it mean a general, an ideal, or an individual person, when outdoor spaces such as squares, parks, gardens, or promenades are designed, realized, presented, and criticized? What role do landscape architects themselves play? 
People mostly encounter landscape architecture in everyday life by experiencing it: coming into contact with it and being affected by it. There are, however, different expectations as to what type of contact this entails. How does landscape architecture respond to these expectations and how does it justify its reaction? The contributions to this publication address these and other questions as regards the relationship between “people and landscape architecture”—descriptively, theoretically and experimentally.

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