The Future Is Up

thyssenkrupp’s Test Tower in Rottweil

Christian Marquart
thyssenkrupp Elevator (ed.)

23 x 30 cm
256 pages, 200 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-590-1


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Since 2017, one of the most spectacular and tallest engineering structures in Germany has stood at the edge of the city of Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg: thyssenkrupp`s test tower for elevators, designed by Werner Sobek with Helmut Jahn. At a height of 246 meters, and wrapped in a high-tech textile façade, a public visitor platform offers a panoramic view of the region. Inside the tower, a research team is rethinking vertical mobility. Today, 160 years after the invention of the elevator, the team is testing the world’s first ropeless elevator with linear motors for skyscrapers that operates vertically as well as horizontally. The MULTI, which will soon be ready for series production, can transport people and goods to previously unimagined heights. It will efficiently enable entire high-rise neighborhoods in the future, transforming cities, architecture, and traffic. The book vividly describes the planning and construction of the tower, as well as everyday life behind the scenes. It describes how progress works.

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