Berlin + Tokyo

Photographs by Kosuke Uchimura

20 x 20 cm
112 pages, 20 col. and 78 b/w

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Berlin and Tokyo – two metropolitan cities on opposite sides of the globe, two large cities that could not be more different – at least this is what is initially assumed. In this book, the Japanese photographer Kosuke Uchimura positions photographs from the streets of Berlin next to momentary shots from the daily life of Tokyo. In this he achieves not only vivid, often humorous impressions – when leafing through the pages, one can discover unexpected connections and amazing parallels. The images even seem to melt into one single, completely new cityscape. Berlin and Tokyo are unique each in its own way, but Kosuke Uchimura shows us that both cities – and their inhabitants – form comparable worlds and are not so different after all: “For many years I have been looking through my camera focus at Tokyo; and in no other city in the world do I feel so much reminded of it as in Berlin.”

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