Peter Krauskopf BLOCK –

22 x 28 cm
80 pages, 46 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-177-4


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Peter Krauskopf, born in Leipzig in 1966, studied at the Academy for Visual Arts in the city and was—like Neo Rauch and Michael Triegel—a master student of Arno Rink. He says today of his teacher that he encouraged his students to develop their own perspectives and to consequentially follow the path that they had discovered. Following this advice, Krauskopf initially engaged in classical landscape painting. Today his pictures are situated on the threshold between concrete and abstract art. Rather than painting actual places, he grasps moments experienced in nature. The memory of something rather than what was seen is important, Things become interesting to me when real experience meets abstraction. Maybe I'm looking for the moment in which colour becomes an allegory of the nature that has been seen. Light is also absolutely essential to him; it can be radiant and bright or diffused and secretive. His pictures are magical places of memory; they can retrieve forgotten memories in the observer.

With texts by Ulrich Bischoff and Julia Franck.


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