Negotiating Spaces

The New Exhibition Building of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig by as-if berlinwien

Paul Grundei / Stephanie Kaindl / Christian Teckert / Barbara Steiner (eds.)

18 x 24 cm
212 pages, approx. 120 col. and 90 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-007-4

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Completed in 2005, the new building GfZK-2 for the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Leipzig designed by architects as-if berlinwien is a spatialisation of architectonic interrelations; its flexibility is intended as an invitation to dialogue between curatorial/artistic practice and architecture. It is also about consciously defining negotiable boundaries in order to visualize and substantiate different interests and attitudes. This book focuses on the use of the exhibition building: artistic and curatorial exhibition concepts realized in the GfZK-2 since 2005 are presented alongside essays examining the performative and processual concepts of the architectural space. Texts by the architects and the planners involved in the project also provide an insight into the building process.



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