Materials Revisited

10. Triennale für Form und Inhalte

Dezernat für Kultur und Wissenschaft vom Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, Dr. Sabine Runde, in Kooperation mit dem Klingspor-Museum Offenbach, Dr. Stefan Soltek (eds.)

17 x 23 cm
192 pages, 100 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-130-9


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The focus of Materials Revisited is on creative ways of working with materials—the craft materials and raw building blocks of art. This companion volume to the exhibition of the same name—boldly designed by the Vier5 duo—casts a keen eye over applied art today and shows how artists create direct and unmediated relationships between concepts and materials that are both complimentary and antagonistic. From furniture design, fashion, cutlery, and culinary culture to book and -object art, the art objects’ shape development and innovative use of material properties reveal a creative reinterpretation of contentual, formal and technical traditions—but also new techniques with sustainability at their heart. The artists and artworks are described by curators and by the artists themselves in short statements, supplemented by a biographical outline. Finally, the key phenomena of our times are discussed in scientific essays and instructive short chapters.



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