Blühstreifen—zwischen Traum und Zaun

Gärten im Fokus der Kunst

Susanne Knorr / Kai Uwe Schierz / Philipp Schreiner / Ulrike Wollenhaupt-Schmidt (eds.)


21 × 28 cm

320 pages, num. col. ill.


ISBN 978-3-86859-714-1



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The catalog Blühstreifen—zwischen Traum und Zaun appears on the occasion of the exhibition, with the same name, at the Kunsthalle Erfurt and the Erfurter Kunstverein. The garden is presented as a place of duality and of contradiction, nestled in the borderland between reality and ideal, utopia and dystopia, order and chaos, exclusion and inclusion—a paradise inherently threatened with the feeling of displacement. In our time, defined by climate change and migration flows, the imaginary of the (extended) garden has also become more political: this is evidenced not only by numerous works of international artists, but also through essays by a philosopher, art historian, sociologist, and biologist. The catalog and exhibition regard the garden from all cultural- and art-historical and socio-political facets, from its origins, to its perversion in the shape of dreams of universal availability and genetic experiments.

With contributions by Joseph Beuys, Helen Britton, Arno Fischer, Utagawa Hiroshige, Candida Höfer, Barbara Nemitz, Katrina Neiburga, Martin Parr, Torsten Enzo Richter, among others

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