Emscher 20 | 21+: Die neue Emscher kommt

Sozial-ökologischer Umbau einer regionalen Stadtlandschaft

Uli Paetzel / Dieter Nellen / Stefan Siedentop / Emschergenossenschaft (eds.)

Stiff softcover
24 × 32 cm
328 pages, 300 col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-748-6


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For a long time, the Emscher was Germany’s dirtiest river. Now, however, it runs clear again. This volume documents the social and ecological restoration of the Emscher, which flows through the northern Ruhr area for 81 km. Used as a mining wastewater system during the industrial period, it has now been transformed into a new regional river landscape for the twenty-first century. Numerous opportunities for upgrading the overall region find their source in the renaturing of the river and its many backwaters: the restoration has created opportunities for renaturing and conversion, and provides a strong development axis for sustainable city and landscape planning. The overall strategy, key projects, accompanying materials, and regional political discussion around this comprehensive transformation are presented here with texts, plans, and images for the first time.

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