Kim Reuter

24 x 24 cm
64 pages, 40 col. and 10 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-182-8

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Kim Reuter’s artworks are overlaid with an intimate silence—they radiate peace and abandonment. The artist’s subjects are mainly classical: portrait, landscape, interior and still life. However, she is not bound by classifications: these categories overlap, and the boundaries between them are fluid. Her colours appear “well-tempered,” and their potential for physiognomic expression is multifarious. Then there is her masterly play of light: the wide, almost monochrome sky, reflections on the water, a forest landscape’s countless shades of green, the contouring of a face. None of this has anything in common with obsessively detailed naturalism: her pictures are meticulously constructed, with one patch of colour carefully placed next to another and sections of the picture giving the impression of autonomous abstract paintings. The overall impact of her subtle, intelligent and sensitive paintings is deeply moving. This book presents Kim Reuter’s complete œuvre, and endeavours to give an overall view of the artist’s personality and work through images and photos, plus an essay and an interview.

With contributions by Christoph Tannert, Eckhard Hollmann.

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