International Village Show

Kathrin Böhm / Wapke Feenstra / Antje Schiffers

21 x 29.7 cm
304 pages, num. col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-465-2


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The International Village Show is a comprehensive works exhibition and a monograph of the international group of female artists Myvillages, which was founded by Wapke Feenstra (Rotterdam), Kathrin Böhm (London), and Antje Schiffers (Berlin). The focus of their attention is rural space as a contemporary cultural space, as well as historical and current urban-rural relations. The artists, who grew up in the countryside themselves, have been working in rural areas within and outside of Europe since 2003, at exhibitions, workshops, and cooperations, in which local production and culture still have a different significance than they do for example in cities. The projects are often long-term, become part of existing processes, and attract attention, as well as different ways of thinking and acting.
The book is based on Myvillages’ two-year solo exhibition “International Village Show” at the Gallery of Contemporary Art Leipzig (2015–16). The exhibition in the specifically converted garden house provides a comprehensive overview of their varied work worldwide.

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