IBA Hamburg Projects and Concepts

Catalogue for the Interim Presentation 2010

Internationale Bauausstellung Hamburg (ed.)

Softcover with flaps
16 x 30 cm
272 pages, 225 col. and numerous plans
ISBN 978-3-86859-072-2

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In the summer half year of 2010, the Internationale Bauausstellung (International Building Exhibition) IBA Hamburg is organising a major interim presentation of its plans, publicising projects and making it possible to explore construction sites for the first time. The book presents responses to important issues of the future, which the IBA Hamburg has chosen as its key themes: Cosmopolis—the question of coexistence in our increasingly international urban societies; Metrozones—access to conceivable new urban spaces; and the City and Climate Change—the question of sustainable solutions that combine the growth of cities and a conservational approach to our resources. This detailed, vividly illustrated publication examines the background for each project location, presenting the tasks faced as well as the projected solutions of the IBA.


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