Städtische Wohnquartiere in Venedig (1918–1939)

Urbane Gestalt zwischen modernen Anforderungen und lokaler Bautradition

Alexander Fichte

16.5 × 22 cm
192 pages, 100 col. ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-752-3


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Venice presents particular challenges for the construction of new residential neighborhoods. When additional living space was required between the First and Second World Wars, the needs of a modern city expansion project were confronted with the lagoon city’s unique urban landscape. To accommodate the unusual geography, small, independent neighborhoods were developed in Venice’s inner periphery, each of which had to work around local idiosyncrasies. This volume explores the creation of eight of these neighborhoods, which were established during a period in which construction was becoming increasingly industrialized. The ways in which their traditional, craft-focused design was harmonized with the requirements of modern residential building is still relevant to contemporary professional discourse within the discipline.

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