Architektur der 60er Jahre - Wiederentdeckung einer Epoche

Adrian von Buttlar / Christian Heuter (eds.)

Preface by Wolfgang Pehnt

17 x 24 cm
144 pages, approx. 20 col. and 60 b/w
ISBN 978-3-939633-40-2

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Demolition and defacement of outstanding post-war Modernist buildings are the order of the day! Particularly the architecture of the 60s and 70s is acutely threatened – an entire epoch is in danger of disappearing from cultural memory. The valorisation, preservation and restoration of the outstanding architectural achievements of those years represent some of the most important tasks currently facing the preservation of monuments, and they are the subject of a committed debate with a developing public impact. This publication includes contributions to the discourse by well-known experts, and also presents some famous and other as yet undiscovered buildings. Numerous illustrations evidence the multi-faceted architectural aesthetics of the 60s, which must be preserved at all costs.

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