High Society

Aktuelle Hochhausarchitektur und der internationale Hochhaus Preis 2006

Christina Gräwe / Peter Cachola Schmal (eds.)

21,2 x 27 cm
160 pages, approx. 250 ill.
ISBN 978-3-936314-77-9

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Unprecedented record heights around the globe show that the construction of highrises is back in fashion, making great demands on technical and aesthetical innovations and provoking controversial discussions. The International Highrise Award 2006 conferred awards on recently erected buildings with a minimum height of 100 meters that successfully rose to current aesthetic, technical, urban and economical challenges. Presenting the award winners in detail, this book also features outstanding highrises–already completed and still under construction, but also imaginative visionary concepts – that are distinguished by record heights or by their appearance, location or use.These fascinating insights into international high society are supplemented by essays presenting a closer look at the political, economic, ecological and aesthetic background to highrise construction.

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