Hans Otto Theater Potsdam

Gottfried Böhm

Falk Jaeger

21 x 24 cm
48 pages, 25 col. and 14 b/w
ISBN 978-3-939633-09-9

Out of print

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With the new Hans Otto Theater, Gottfried Böhm, one of the most renowned German architects and Pritzker prize winner, created a new attraction in “Prussian Arcadia” situated in the Potsdam-Glienicke horticultural landscape. The outstanding, fiery-red building sculpture of the modern, architecturally advanced theatre is an unmistakable landmark. Together with the old chicory mill and the former gasometer, today used as a supplier yard, it constitutes a building group that, together with the restored industrial and barrack buildings of the quarter, creates a historically impressive ensemble. This most recent masterwork of Gottfried Böhm’s is the second newly constructed theatre in the new federal states and the first new building in Potsdam to reach international fame.



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