Gaudi Unseen

Completing the Sagrada Familia

Mark Burry (ed.)

20 x 20 cm
160 pages, fold-out page and 345 ill.
ISBN 978-3-939633-78-5

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For the lay person, Antoni Gaudí is known as the creator of fairy-tale architecture, which not only fascinates in its completed form, but also as a fragment, like his best known work, the church of Sagrada Família in Barcelona, which attracts countless visitors every year. But beyond all of the architectonic magic of his building there is a clear geometric code, the expression of the convincing technical modernity of Gaudí’s buildings. The New Zealander Mark Burry converted the over 100 year old design ideas of Gaudí into three- dimensional datasets. They are today the basis for the completion of the Sagrada Família. This book looks behind the curtain of Gaudí’s constructive genius and presents one of the most unusual building projects of today.



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