Gartenstadt Karlshorst—Baukatalog

Klaus Theo Brenner

Softcover with flaps
20 x 26 cm
80 pages, ca. 50 col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-429-4


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The book Gartenstadt Karlshorst—Baukatalog shows examples of the connection between an urban development master plan and the design for individual house types. It is not only about the architectural realization of an ideal-typical “garden town”, with its obligatory form in terms of layout, façade, and building volumes, but also about a clear guideline for the process of realization through various clients, with the aim of achieving a harmonious, integrated appearance of the whole urban district. With this building catalog, the responsible planner and architect Klaus Theo Brenner provides a significant contribution to the current discussion about intelligent and high-quality forms of urban densification and expansion.

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