Future Megacities 2: Mobility and Transportation

Wulf-Holger Arndt (ed.)

17 x 24 cm
224 pages, num. col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-274-0


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Concepts for Sustainable Transportation in Future Megacities

While the trend towards the growth of megacities creates huge challenges, it also offers the opportunity for reshaping mobility patterns in cities, promoting energy efficiency and principles of low carbon development. In this volume, an overview is provided of solutions comprising concepts for sustainable transportation through intelligent management, innovative instruments for integrated transport planning, modelling systems, adaptation strategies in the transport sector and concepts for enhancing public transit. Developed for five cities of the programme by transdisciplinary and international research teams in close collaboration with local stakeholders, they are presented on the background of big challenges ranging from data collection issues, modelling and planning in a fast growing environment to resistance of citizens against big infrastructure projects.


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