Frieder Heinze: TAGTRÄUME

Annegret Laabs / Uwe Gellner (eds.)

21 x 26 cm
112 pages, num. col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-253-5


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Large-format picture screens, delicate silk papers, stone, clay, or iron casting: the diversity of motifs and techniques is virtually unlimited, but nevertheless the works of Frieder Heinze (born 1950 in Leipzig) are distinctive and characteristic. He trusts the subconscious guiding mechanisms of his own intuition to lead the way to the dreamlike aleatoric projections of his imagery and ideography, without denying his proclivity for Paleolithic petroglyphs or for everyday art in the most diverse of cultures. The visible appears to be a projection that resists any ossification by rules or hierarchies. It unfolds like a cosmos of formulations of constant waxing and waning, including all the meanderings and uncertainties that can emerge in between. His images give the impression of being exotically encrypted, but are at the same time familiar. The focus is on paintings and artwork created in the last two years by the artist whose work spans more than 35 years.



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