Die Max-Planck-Gesellschaft als Bauherr der Architekten Hermann Fehling und Daniel Gogel

Peter Gruss / Gunnar Klack / Matthias Seidel (eds.)

21 x 27 cm
160 pages, 33 col. and 67 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-050-0

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Hermann Fehling and Daniel Gogel were commissioned by the Max Planck Association to design three institute buildings, all of which evade classification. The buildings, erected between 1965–80, represent a high point in the work of two unconventional architects. To mark the restoration of the Max Planck Institute for Educational Research in Berlin, the Max Planck Association is showing an exhibition on Fehling+Gogel. This is the first presentation of the office’s full œuvre, which dates from 1947 to 1992. Fehling+Gogel have made an idiosyncratic contribution to architecture in Germany, which ranges from their separate beginnings to works in collaboration with Peter Pfankuch and Günter Ssymmank, and to their later cooperation with Walter Arno Noebel. These multiform, polygonal structures illustrate their approach; translating functional processes into exciting, timeless spaces, and evidencing their intention to design buildings as communicative locations for communities.


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