Der Architekt: Baumeister oder Designer?

Helmut C. Schulitz

20.5 x 25 cm
256 pages, num.  ill.
ISBN 978-3-86859-322-8


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Architectural fantasy seems to have no boundaries anymore: fantastical forms, houses that defy physics and gravity…Innovations in design and building methods have liberated architecture, and technology has enabled what was previously deemed impossible. The question is, however, as to what extent this has benefitted architecture and its standards. In this book the renowned architect Helmut C. Schulitz traces the development of architectural forms from antiquity to the present day and questions digital design methods. For him the bottom line is that architecture is not just design and also has to meet other requirements. For it is only when design remains linked to building, when construction and procedural requirements are once again taken into consideration, that innovative architectural forms can fulfil the current criteria of efficiency, ecology, and resource and cost efficiency.

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