Energieeffiziente Architektur

Akademie der Architekten- und Stadtplanerkammer Hessen (ed.)

Softcover with flaps
17 x 23 cm
164 pages, 240 col. and 45 b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-013-5

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Considering the rising price of raw materials and dwindling resources, energy efficiency is one of the most important future demands in architecture. Here, it is not only vital to assure low energy consumption in the phase of use, but also economical handling of raw materials during the construction or renovation of a building.

This book presents various aspects of energy- and resource-saving construction in a clear way and shows how it can be realised in exemplary architecture—and above all, economically. In addition, twenty-six outstanding buildings premiered in the context of the architectural award “model buildings in the state of hesse 2008” highlight the wide range of practical solutions available. The great practical value of EinSparHaus makes into an ideal source of information for prospective builders in particular, but also for all other readers interested in energy-efficient architecture.

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