Dortmunder Passagen

Ein Stadtführer

Stefan Mühlhofer / Wolfgang Sonne / Barbara Welzel (eds.)

14 x 19 cm
288 pages, num. col.
ISBN 978-3-86859-572-7


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Five routes lead through Dortmund and follow the sound of the city: paths, water, materials, town and countryside, public spaces. They cross the urban area and make history, the present and geographical features in specific places visible and understandable. The hubs of the city explorations are museums, industrial monuments, and the municipal church St. Reinoldi. The routes include aristocratic manors, parks, gas pipelines, village structures, and churches going back to medieval times, buildings from postwar modernity, areas of industrialization and structural change, as well as colleges. Dortmunder Passagen opens up new perspectives and invites the reader to explore the city.

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