Schulen planen und bauen

Grundlagen und Prozesse

Montag Stiftungen Jugend und Gesellschaft I Urbane Räume (eds.)

19 x 25 cm
352 pages, num. col. 
ISBN 978-3-86859-124-8
12.2011 / Reprint: 09.2012

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Updated and complemented new edition, Schulen planen und bauen 2.0 – Grundlagen, Prozesse, Projekte will be available in May 2017

How does one plan and construct a good school building? This is a question that occupies architects, city planners, educators, city and municipal authorities, politicians, and many other groups involved in the construction or conversion of school buildings. They all have their own ideas, conceptions and requirements, and often these are poorly coordinated, resulting in ineffective processes and, generally, an unsatisfactory end product. This book explains how a school building’s construction can be successfully planned and coordinated today, with an emphasis on what is known as “Phase zero”: the early stage of planning, during which, if if the education, architecture, and administration elements collaborate productively, the essential foundations for a good school are put in place. This book provides know-how on the goals, practice and process of an integrated school building planning project. It sets out well-defined operational modules as well as extensive contextual knowledge. The editor and authors are leading experts in the fields of school construction and development.

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