Eckhard Gerber—Der Klang der Architektur

Dieter Nellen / Jürgen Tietz (eds.)

Hardcover with dust jacket
17 x 24 cm
ca. 192 pages, ca. 100 col. and b/w
ISBN 978-3-86859-500-0


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“Statement and Signature”—in accordance with this key notion, for more than five decades the architect Eckhard Gerber and his firm have been producing award-winning projects, which have attracted widespread international attention in the fields of architecture, urban design, interior design, and landscape design. On the occasion of his eightieth birthday, this book traces Gerber’s life and architectural career. In personal contributions, long-standing friends, comrades, and colleagues recount their own experiences and involvement in the work of the architect. In the context of Eckhard Gerber’s work and person, the publication also includes new contributions from renowned publicists and other personalities which discuss the culture of building and competitions, architecture and urban design in their historical context, the social responsibility of architecture, and the functional and subjective significance of building and landscape.

The editors Dr. Dieter Nellen (Dortmund) and Dr. Jürgen Tietz (Berlin) are freelance publicists for architecture, urban design, and culture.

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